Top 5 Geeky Beach Picks for Summer

Sure, you may be pale from sitting inside in front of your computer or Xbox all day, gaming and checking out the latest posts on Reddit. And you might even have a little pudge around the edges too. That happens. But it’s almost beach season, so stop worrying about your pale, flabby skin and embrace your inner geek during your summer vacay this year. Here are our top 5 geeky beach picks, just in time for summer vacation!

Sexy Wonder Woman Bikini

Sexy Wonder Woman Bikini

Geek ladies, bring all the boys to the yard this summer with this Wonder Woman themed bikini. It’s a perfect fit for a Forth of July pool party!

Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cotton Beach or Bath Towel

Doctor Who Tardis Beach Towel

It may not be bigger on the inside, but hopefully this TARDIS inspired bath towel will keep sand from creeping up your various crevices.

Captain America Board Shorts

Captain America Board Shorts

Take these swim trunks to the pool and lead the charge in the next group game of Marco Polo.

Retro Justice League Flip Flops

Retro Justice League Flip Flops

Protect your toesies this summer with these colorful retro inspired flip flops featuring all your favorite DC Comics’ characters.

Batman's Robin Beer Coozie

Batman’s Robin Beer Coozie

Keep your 6 pack cold with a coozie featuring everyone’s favorite wingman – Robin.

How do you plan to keep cool this summer, fellow geeks? (And please don’t tell me you’re going to waste the summer away in a dark & A/C filled room in front of a screen. Get out! Enjoy some sun and summer fun!)

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