Where To Find Cool Stuff

"Cool, California. Everything here is cool." image credit: Alan Levine via Flickr

“Cool, California. Everything here is cool.”

image credit: Alan Levine via Flickr

Obviously we love bringing you our coolest, most favorite finds. And obviously we’d love for you to think of Cool Stuff We Like as a great destination and your first stop shop for when you start thinking about where to find cool stuff. Because after all, life is more interesting when you can discover great new things, stumble upon cool places or hear awesome new music for the first time!

The internet has made finding cool new-to-you stuff easier than ever. There are tons of fabulous blogs and websites now that index and archive cool stuff on a daily basis. (Like this site, of course!!) Not to mention all of the magazines, podcasts and museums that are dedicated to bringing you the coolest stuff on earth.

Want to get started exploring the world of wicked cool finds? Look no further!

Cool Blogs & Websites

These sites update regularly with the best, most unique and interesting (and sometimes a little weirdly wonderful!) stuff there is to see:

5 Cool Online Shops

In search of a perfectly unique, super rad gift? Don’t want to bring the same something-something as every other guest at your next birthday party or white elephant gift exchange?? Check out 5 of our favorite online shops for cool, unique gift ideas:

Tell us, where do YOU find cool stuff??

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